“Queer issues are class issues. They are issues of government and nonprofit violence, both inside and outside LGBTQ organizations. The struggles we face go beyond making ends meet; violences of poverty, racism, policing, and ableism pervade our lives”

A Fabulous Attitude, A Queers for Economic Justice Welfare Warriors Report

The invisibility of the impact of the shifting global market and the effect of the 2008 economic downturn on LGBTQ communities brings home the absence of economic justice issues in the current LGBTQ movement and the lack of queer analysis in ally movements and organizations, an absence which maintains the myth of LGBTQ wealth rather than conveying the reality of class and race in relation to sexual orientation and gender identity in the majority of queer lives.

Queer Survival Economies is an initiative that seeks to organize poor and working class people around economic justice and immigration issues, develop basic research on how LGBTQ people build their lives in both recognized work environments and alternative economies, provide capacity building and training to LGBTQ and non-LGBTQ organizations on economic justice issues from a queer frame, and create and support local and national economic and immigration policy and advocacy gains so that they include LGBTQ people.

To get involved, contact Amber Hollibaugh