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  • The Conference (1/16/2015)

    Impacts of Economic Injustice on Vulnerable LGBTQ Communities

    Jan 23-24, 2015
    Murphy Institute


    Economists have noted that the 2008 global economic crisis has created not a temporary recession, but a rearranging of the global economy that will impact us for decades to come. For LGBTQ communities, not only has the impact of the economic crisis been particularly severe, but also an analysis of the effects of the recession on LGBTQ communities is largely lacking.

    This invisibility of the impact of the 2008 economic downturn on LGBTQ communities supports the absence of economic justice issues in the current LGBTQ movement, an absence which maintains the myth of LGBT wealth rather than conveying the reality of class and race as it meets sexual orientation and gender identity in the majority of queer lives.


  • A Fabulous Attitude (1/1/2010)
  • Queers Without Money (6/19/2001)

    Queers Without Money

    Jay Toole (left) with her partner, Sheila King: Toole plans to go back into the shelters and bring gay people into the community, “so they don’t have to be alone as I was.”