Wheel image with "spokes" of: Queer workers, Queer prisoners, Queer Communities of Colors, LGBTQ Street Economies, Poor LGBTQI, Queer People with Disabilities, Queer Families, LGBTQ people in rural communities, Queer first nation two spirit community members, Bisexual & pansexual people, queer unemployed, LGBTQI youth, Queer HIV+ people, Transgender and Gender non-conforming people, Queer Elders, Queer Immigrant. In outer circle around wheel: Ruling class- Prison Industrial Complex - Global Capital Markets - Recession - Frisk & Search - Imperialism - Poverty Wages - Sexism - Capitalism - Profit Over People - Racism - Foreclosures - Condom Seizures - Immigrant Detention Centers - Sterilization - Katrina - Homelessness - Tax Breaks - Corporate Entitlements - Marriage Benefits


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